Microsoft has confirmed that some users were experiencing data loss after downloading its Windows 10 October 2018 patch, and so stopped distribution to fix the error.

While the software giant confirms that there were only very few reported incidents of lost data, at an apparent rate of 0.01% of all systems that installed the update.

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Microsoft’s own John Cable confirmed that all known issues had been fixed and gone through internal validation, so the Windows 10 October patch is once again ready and available for download and it won’t even delete your files!

The bug appeared to affect Windows users with the ‘Known Folder Redirection’ option enabled. The code introduced in the latest update was designed to delete the empty and duplicate known folders, but as many users found it, these folders weren’t always empty.

Microsoft has now said it will carefully monitor feedback for this newly released version of the Windows 10 October build to make sure there are no additional negative impacts.