The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the plans of every tech company in the world. Events are now online streams, and product roadmaps are being rerouted.

The Surface Book 2 came out in 2017 and the original Surface Go in 2018, so both are ripe for a refresh considering they’re still on sale. Updates should include significant internal upgrades to more modern Intel chips.

The new Surface Go is said to have a screen slightly bigger than the original, with a Core i3 optional with 8GB RAM and optional LTE that could make it more viable than the original, which lacked serious computing power. But Microsoft will be careful not to cannibalise sales of the Surface Pro, so the specs of the Go and Pro are unlikely to overlap considerably.

It’s unclear if and how the Surface Book 3’s design will differ from previous generations, but it is said to be getting Nvidia’s Quadro graphics chips as a significant internal upgrade.

Also rumoured are the Surface earbuds that are set to join the Surface Headphones in Microsoft’s audio line up.