Microsoft is grappling with yet another Windows 10 bug as it tries to cope with the sudden influx of new daily users. 

The latest problem causes some PCs and laptops to spontaneously drop the internet connection, despite other devices being able to connect without any issue.

It's worth noting that this will only affect devices running versions of Windows 10 since last May's major update. However, as free software it can be assumed that this is the lion's share of its user base. 

Microsoft says it it prioritising a patch for the issue, which may occur when connecting to, or disconnecting from, a VPN. It seems to exclusively affect Microsoft programs though, so we'd still encourage you to use one where necessary.

Nonetheless, this includes the full Office 365 productivity suite, Microsoft Teams and the Edge web browser. While some of these apps do still have offline functionality, the ability to share with colleagues and collaborate is dependent on a reliable internet connection. 

As a result, it's having a significant impact on many people' ability to work from home, particularly considering Windows 10's position as the most popular desktop operating system

It is the second major issue Microsoft software has run into since the majority of its users were confined to their homes. Last week, its collaboration platform Teams went down, just as many logged on to work remotely for the first time. It lead myself and others to question whether it was fit for purpose

Windows 10 has been plagued with issues in recent months, which have had a profound effect on the reliability and security of the operating system. As a result, some have been toying with a switch to Apple's macOS or even ChromeOS for more basic tasks. 

Despite Microsoft being among the most forward thinking companies during the coronavirus crisis so far, it still has work to do in convincing users Windows 10 is up to the task. With so much crucial work now taking place online, it will want to ensure that this latest bug isn't a sign of things to come. 

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