Geekbuying says the Mi Band 2 will be available from 7 June, and is listing it at £28.62 with free UK delivery. Factor in the possibility you may have to pay import duty, too - read our advice on buying grey market tech.

At under £30 the Mi Band 2 offers excellent value, even if it’s priced higher than in China itself.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 new features and specification: What’s new in the Mi Band 2?

For the first time Xiaomi has added a scratch- and fingerprint-resistant 0.42in OLED display to its Mi Band fitness tracker. This allows you to view the time, step count and heart rate without having to launch the associated app on your paired phone. (And when you do want to use your phone, the Mi Band 2 can automatically unlock it without you needing to input a password or scan your fingerprint.) Even with the screen the Mi Band 2 still offers excellent battery life - up to 20 days, claims the company. Also see: Best smartwatches 2016.

Xiaomi has also upgraded the pedometer algorithm and added an anodised button that sits flush to the display. This can be used to activate the display or, as before, you can lift your wrist as if you are checking the time.

The Mi Band 2 has second-gen Bluetooth 4.0, IP67-certified dust- and water protection, a power-efficient ADI accelerometer and optical heart-rate sensor and a hypoallergenic, colour-customisable silicon band. It will track your activity, plus sleep quality and length, and give you a nudge when you’ve been inactive for a long period.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

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