Fitbit's Charge line of wrist-worn trackers are known juggernauts in the wearable world and the latest iteration - 2020's Charge 4 - has proven to be one of the most formidable offerings yet.

One of its headline features is integrated GPS and while you pay a premium for its presence, this is one of the few trackers (i.e. not smartwatches) to offer such functionality and put it to such good use.

Alongside GPS, the Fitbit Charge 4 introduced Active Zone Minutes as a new metric - a personalised fitness challenge that counts any and all activities which push your heart rate up - awarding points in return and making for a great new motivator.

If you're upgrading from a Charge 3, you'll appreciate the cross-compatibility of straps and charging cables, as well as the lighter overall weight, meaning it's more capable but less obtrusive when working out.

Taking a leaf out of the smartwatch world, the 4 is the first Charge to boast Spotify Connect & Control - meaning changing tracks or pausing your tunes is even less of a hassle mid-workout.

The hardware of the Charge 4 is only one side of the coin, though, with the company's companion app and user experience offering an additional level of polish and an impressive amount of insight into your workouts, accompanied by a finesse that's hard to find from a lot of the more affordable offerings out there.

Up to seven days' battery life, rich sleep tracking, constant heart rate monitoring and the aforementioned small improvements and upgrades collectively render the Fitbit Charge 4 one of the most compelling fitness trackers this year and our top wearable pick. 

As iconic as its diminutive OLED screen is, all we're really left lusting after is a colour display to offer up richer metrics and information on-screen - perhaps something that's in store for the Charge 5.

We're also waiting to see what fruits will come of Google's purchase of Fitbit and how that might elevate future products from this established brand in 2021 and beyond.

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