Originally announced as a concept, TCL has confirmed its NxtWear G smart glasses will finally go on sale starting next month.

You might know TCL for its TVs or perhaps smartphones but the Chinese firm also dabbles in other technology. The smart glasses were properly shown off at CES earlier this year but even then they were just a prototype called TCL Wearable Display and pegged for release later in 2021.

The firm has now announced a proper name of NxtWear G (all in caps by TCL’s style) and a launch window of July. At first, they will be on sale in Australia, with “market availability to follow in select regions".

You’ll have to fork out AU$899 for the device, which coverts to around US$680 or £490.

What we do know is that they use an open-fit design and feature two Micro OLED displays made by Sony with a Full HD resolution. When worn, this gives the user the effect of a huge 140in display.

TCL is keen to point out that the NxtWear G are not VR or even AR glasses in their current form. Instead, they are designed to be an external display for your mobile device or laptop.

TCL NxtWear G smart glasses

They connect via USB-C and don’t need an accompanying app to function. There’s not even any battery to charge either. The firm says the glasses are compatible with more than 100 smartphones, hybrid two-in-one devices and laptops from all major manufacturers.

Once you’re connected, TCL says the open-fit design means you can still glance down at your hands in order to see your fingers typing on a keyboard or “look up to greet a flight attendant offering you an in-flight beverage.”

Whether you’re working or watching a movie, the NxtWear G has integrated stereo speakers and come with three different sizes of nosepad. They have a reflective exterior and use a combination of soft-touch nylon and silica gel to be both comfortable and durable.

The announcement comes just ahead of the official start date for MWC, which is virtual this year.

TCL also announced the Movetime Family Watch 2, an IP67 and 4G smartwatch for kids costing €149 and a Multi-Screen Collaboration feature, which will work with the TCL 20 Pro 5G to start with. It allows wireless sharing of files, photos, clipboard content and messages with compatible Windows 10 laptops or PCs.

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