VR (virtual reality) is one of the hottest things in tech right now with headsets like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive now in use in homes. Star VR could be one of the best VR headsets so here's what you need to know about the Starbreeze Star VR release date, price, specs and partners. Read next: The complete guide to virtual reality.

Starbreeze Star VR release date and price

Although rival VR headsets are already available to buy, the StarVR release date and price are two unknown pieces of information – at least in a specific sense. This is because the StarVR headset is still in development so we'll update this information when there's more to say. Version 1.4 was demonstrated at E3 2016.

However, we do know the StarVR release date – in a way – is later this year thanks to one of the firm's partners. See below for more info.

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Starbreeze Star VR specs and features

The StarVR in its current form features two displays, each is 5.5in and uses a 2560x1440 QuadHD resolution. So you have 2.5K for each resulting in a 5K VR experience.

What's unique about the StarVR headset is that it has a 210 degree horizontal field of view which is considerably more than rivals like the HTC Vive. This creates panoramic VR using custom Fresnel-based optics.

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StarVR field of view

In terms of tracking, the StarVR headset features real-time six degrees of freedom, 360 degree submillimetre optical tracking and IMU and optical sensor fusion for a low-latency experience.

The latest model, StarVR 1.4, features a lighter design at 380g, optimised lenses for better vertical field of view, a removable face interface, a new head mounting system and optical optimisation across hardware and software.

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Starbreeze Star VR partners

Instead of just going it alone, Starbreeze is teaming up with other tech companies to develop and launch the StarVR headset.

The firm has already announced a partnership with IMAX which will see the StarVR headset used in IMAX theatres this year beginning in Los Angeles. There will be six worldwide with IMAX planning to include China and London is good possibility with a major office located in the capital.

Update 31 August: At IFA 2016, Acer has confirmed that the Star VR headset is now shipping and will be debuting in LA thanks to IMAX. 'Pilot centers' will appear in Shanghai, London, and New York before the end of the year. Additionally it seems the firm thinks punters will be happy to pay roughly $10 to see content on the headset after leaving the theatre.

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StarVR dual screen

Starbreeze has also teamed up with Acer and the partnership is to 'cooperate on the design, manufacturing, promotion, marketing and sales of the StarVR HMD to the professional- and location-based entertainment market'.

The firm has also partnered with the likes of Toshiba, Lionsgate and Tobii Technology.

The other thing to mention is the StarCade which is an initiative which will debut in this summer. It will be an arcade hall made up of StarVR headsets "where VR enthusiasts and novices alike are welcome to experience the exciting technology in an immersive setting."