At a time when people are likely feeling more shut-in than ever, fitness expert Polar is launching its first dedicated outdoor activity-tracking wearable. The Grit X is designed to get us away from civilisation and help us keep fit in the open wilds instead.

While the company already covers disciplines like running, cross-training and cycling by way of its Vantage, Ignite, V and M-Series trackers, the Grit X is the first of the company's offerings built with outdoor pursuits in mind, first and foremost.

Polar's approach with the Grit X focuses on three key areas, starting with accuracy. It features integrated GPS, so you benefit from phone-free route tracking, but what's more, through a partnership with hiking and biking navigation specialists Kamoot, you can also rely on on-watch navigation across unfamiliar trails. An in-built compass and two-day weather reporting also make it easier to plan your next excursion and stay on-course during it.

The watch's Hill Splitter feature takes into account aspects like elevation - the number of ascents and descents you've covered over time - which it then uses to offer consistent pace data, relative to the various terrain types you may cover during your workouts.

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The Fuelwise feature serves up automatic reminders as to when to fuel up during a workout, based on the wearer's height and weight, the length of the activity and likely intensity of said activity. Plus, it produces an 'Energy Used' report after each workout, breaking down what your body consumed in terms of carbohydrates and protein, as well as what it might best benefit from in future.

Some other Polar staples make a return on Grit X, like FitSpark, which helps you tailor your indoor workouts, based on training history, current recovery level and so on. There's also Polar's own Running Power metric, which rather than measuring the speed at which you run, can tell you how hard your muscles are working when you run.

Nightly Recharge sleep tracking, originally from Polar's Vantage and Ignite ranges, also endures. It produces a sleep score by monitoring your sleep quality and your Audonomic Nervous System (ANS) recovery rate - essentially, how well your body recovers during rest, along with advice on how to improve your sleeping habits.

Even with features like onboard GPS switched on, Polar is confident that the Grit X will last you up to a whopping 40 hours of wear per charge, with a 100-hour quoted overall longevity. As part of the watch's MIL-STD-810G-tested design, battery longevity should also hold up well against the cold too.

Pricing and availability

The Polar Grit X is on sale direct from Polar's web store now and will start shipping from the company's trusted retail partners come May 2020. It costs £379/€429.90/US$429.95, making a pricer but more specialised alternative to the likes of the Amazfit T-Rex and a direct competitor to Garmin's Fenix 6 line.

You'll also be able to buy additional straps from Polar separately, in a variety of materials, including paracord.