You can pledge $199 and be set to receive a Nubia Watch, which is 50% cheaper than its $399 RRP. There are 500 to be got, as the first 200 at $179 have already been snapped up.  

The watch is then, demonstrably, an acquired taste with a 4.01in curved display that Nubia describes as “an expanded screen to view more information with less scrolling.” It looks ungainly, but it’s actually a big aesthetic improvement over the Alpha.

Despite the futuristic stylings, the watch’s features are fairly uniform. Nubia’s own software works with iOS or Android phones to bring you your synced notifications and messages, while there’s a heart rate sensor for some light fitness tracking and sleep monitoring.

A promo video says it has GPS for a built-in compass, but it’s not clear if it’ll track runs without your phone, though it hopefully will. Its IP54 dust and waterproof rating means it’s OK for sweat and a splash, but not showering or swimming.

If the Kickstarter gets enough backers, the Watch will ship in October. To find out more, take a look at our full Nubia Watch review