While Huawei’s transition from Google has had a knock-on effect on its smartphone sales – in the West, at least – the company has gone from strength to strength in the wearable space, producing fitness trackers and smartwatches at practically every price point.

The Huawei Watch GT Runner is the latest to join the firm's growing collection of wearables, offering a running-focused flavour of the Watch GT 3.

The smartwatch takes cues from the standard Watch GT 3, which as we note in our review, is no bad thing. We think the standard Watch GT 3 is a looker, and it’s very much the same story with the Watch GT Runner.

The GT Runner sports the same general size and dimensions, with the same 1.43in OLED display and 46mm body, although with a change in materials to make it more durable and runner-friendly.

In fact, that’s a theme throughout the smartwatch, with only subtle changes compared to the regular Watch GT 3, even though it lacks the numerical tag.

The case is made from polymer fibre, the outer bezel is ceramic, and the crown is made from titanium, making for a more lightweight wearable at 38.5g compared to 42.6g of the Watch GT 3. 

The GPS antennae have been moved to the exterior for improved connectivity, now running out of the body into the lugs of the casing. You'll also find a sweat-resistant silicone strap with cut-outs to stop the build-up of sweat over longer runs to avoid rubbing and irritation. 

It’s worth pointing out that the Watch GT Runner is only available in a fairly large 46mm configuration, which may disappoint runners with slimmer wrists.

As you might expect, the Watch GT Runner is packed with sensors to accurately measure most aspects of your life, from general activity to sleep and, of course, exercise.

You’ll find Huawei’s TruSeen 5.0+ heart rate monitoring system that’s designed to reduce external light interference by 66% for better accuracy, along with a dual-band GNSS GPS system that’ll find your location – even in built-up areas – in less than 10 seconds on average.

That’s paired with Huawei’s extensive fitness tracking capabilities, offering a range of running-focused courses to improve your running performance alongside key metrics.

You’ll also get AI-powered breakdowns on your running ability, training load, recovery time and much more to better understand your current level of performance. It can even take that data and predict how long it’d take you to run 5K, 10K, a half marathon and a full marathon.

Even if you’re not interested in running specifically, the Watch Runner is capable of tracking 100+ types of exercise. Battery life comes in at a respectable 14 days too, allowing true multi-day use even with extensive fitness tracking.

That all sounds impressive – but it’s also all available on Huawei’s Watch GT 3. In terms of software, the only exclusives seem to be running-focused watch faces that come pre-installed on the Watch GT Runner and the inclusion of a Lactate Threshold app. 

Pricing and release date details are yet to be confirmed, but given the similarities between the Watch GT Runner and Watch GT 3, we imagine it’ll come in close to the £199 mark. We’ll update this article once we get confirmation from Huawei.

To find out more, take a look at our full Huawei Watch GT Runner review

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