Google has said it is starting to roll out an autumn update to the latest Wear OS smartwatches, starting with the Suunto 7.

The company didn’t say which other devices are eligible for the update and advised people to check with the device manufacturer.

This serves to highlight the fragmentation of Wear OS and reflects the uncertainty buyers of Android phones have when it comes to platform updates.

“We’ve improved Wear OS from top to bottom, making the app launch and boot time up to 20% faster,” said Google. “You’ll see changes to the device controls making it even easier to manage different watch modes and workouts.”

The update is said to also improve and speed up the pairing process, often a sticky point when we’ve reviewed Wear OS watches in the past.

Google also said the update should result in better battery life, something every smartwatch should endeavour to improve. Only time will tell if this is true (pun intended).