Google Maps is back on the Apple Watch after a three-year hiatus, but you can only use the wrist-based version to follow turn by turn navigation directions, not view an actual map (via 9to5Google).

Google announced the app was returning last month, and it has been pushed out to Apple Watch users with the latest Google Maps iOS v5.52 update. It is compatible with watchOS 5 or later, should work on any Apple Watch except the first generation.

The simplified Watch companion app can provide route estimates as well directions to pre-saved locations.

If you want to navigate to a new place, you have to start the navigation in the Google Maps app on your iPhone first. The simple UI shows a ‘current trip’ screen with travel times listed below for your saved places.

You can choose walking, car, bike, or public transport as routing options, with the latter just as detailed as on the phone app.