Currys also has the same bundle available on the Fitbit Inspire 2 fitness tracker, now just £79.99.

The Versa 3, typically at £199.99, is the latest in Fitbit's Versa range, having launched late September alongside the top-tier £299.99 Fitbit Sense (now with £11 off from Amazon).

The Versa 3 offers built-in GPS and full fitness tracking on a bright AMOLED screen. You get an extensive list of features including heart-rate monitoring, sleep-tracking, and voice assistant support, making it a major upgrade from past models.

The only functions separating the Versa 3 from the Sense are additional EDA stress and ECG heart measurements, which isn't really an issue if you're primarily after a fitness device (as opposed to a medical one).

Check out the Fitbit and Nest Mini bundle for yourself over at Currys. If you prefer the Nest Mini on its own, you can pick it up for just £19 from Currys too.

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