Fitbit has released its new Fitbit OS 5.2 software update for Fitbit Sense and Versa 3 users, with access to either new features or functions previously only on the top-end smartwatch.

Some of the new features may only become available over the “next couple of weeks”, says Fitbit.

Fitbit smartwatches have offered oxygen saturation (SPO2) tracking for some time, but only now can the reading be seen alongside all of the stats in the Today dashboard. Previously, you needed to download a special clock face or check the reading in the Fitbit app.

With Fitbit OS 5.2 your nightly average SpO2 value and the range from your previous night’s sleep can be viewed on your Fitbit device.

Tracking these oxygen saturation trends during sleep over a period of time allows you to see when there may be an indication of important changes in your fitness and wellness.

Fitbit Heart Rate Notification

Previously available only on the Fitbit Sense, Versa 3 users now get on-wrist and in-app notifications if their heart rate hits certain high or low levels - users set their own thresholds.

If you receive a heart rate notification, you can take a survey in the Fitbit app to help you better understand what’s going on.

A new on-device clock face switcher lets Fitbit smartwatch users swap their clock face without having to leave the main screen as they did previously, which could be a tiresome experience.

Now users can simply long-press the clock face for a few seconds to open the Clocks app to choose from a selection of their favourite clock faces from Fitbit or external developers.

Fitbit smartwatch goal celebration

Bored of the same old white-sneaker Steps screen when you hit your set goal? Fitbit OS 5.2 includes two new animated goal celebrations that are available to all Fitbit smartwatches.

With Fitbit OS 5.2, notifications now support Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi and Thai characters for all on-device message alerts.

Fitbit is also launching a new Snore & Noise Detect experiment for a limited number of Premium users to join. When the Fitbit smartwatch detects that you are asleep, the microphone on your Sense or Versa 3 monitors the sounds in your sleep environment and gives you results the next morning, including the ambient noise level in your bedroom.

As the Fitbit Versa 2 also features a microphone, it too should be able to use Snore Detect.

This helps you better understand your sleeping environment with a sound analysis of your sleep so you can discover what might be disrupting your sleep and causing your awakenings or restlessness.

Fitbit Snore Detect

Following Google’s purchase of Fitbit, it was always likely that Fitbit would add new Google Assistant features over Amazon Alexa.

Audible responses are now available for the on-device voice assistant. For example, you can check the weather, set reminders and alarms, control smart home devices and more, with real-time audible responses in addition to the existing speech to text on-screen.

Fitbit and Google Assistant voice

Google Assistant is also now available globally, adding to the global regions where it launched in 2020.  And Alexa Voice Service has been introduced to 10 additional countries around the world.

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