While Apple's highly anticipated iPhone X stole the show at its' 12 September 2017 event, Apple also announced a brand-new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity and improved performance.

Here, we discuss the announcement and show you how you can re-watch the announcement whenever you want, from home. 

Apple Watch Series 3 announced at Apple Event

Alongside the highly anticipated iPhone X and iPhone 8, Apple has announced the latest in the Apple Watch family: the Apple Watch Series 3. But while the Series 3 looks similar to its predecessor, there's one huge difference: cellular connectivity.

Finally, the Apple Watch can be used as a standalone device away from the iPhone. Thanks to the cellular connectivity, you can make calls, use Siri, get directions and stream 40 million songs via Apple Music, all without being connected to your iPhone. It's a long-requested feature, and it's good to see Apple finally deliver.

Alongside cellular connectivity, the Apple Watch Series 3 boasts the all-new Apple W2 chipset, providing improved performance and new features like a more vocal Siri, compared to a text-based virtual assistant present on all previous iterations of Apple Watch. 

Of course, being an Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 3 is available in a range of finishes with a plethora of bands, some of which are exclusive to the new Watch.

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