Ivacy VPN's five-year plan now has a huge discount. For Cyber Monday 2021, you can get an amazing 92% off, and you can use 10 devices with the service.

The service typically costs £8 / $9.95 per month, but with this deal you'll pay just 66p / $0.80. 

Like all VPN services, deal prices aren't paid monthly: you pay the whole amount up front. That's £39.60 / $47.76, which means each month of VPN service costs you just 6.6p / $0.08 per device. That's crazy, but it's true.

Get 92% off Ivacy's 5-year plan

You can read our Ivacy review to find out more, but it really does offer brilliant value for the price you pay. It's especially useful if you want to unlock streaming content, which the service makes incredibly easy. You simply choose the streaming service you want to connect to and Ivacy chooses the best server.

You can use it to unlock geographically restricted content from BBC iPlayer, Disney+, Hulu and Netflix across the US, UK, France, Japan, Australia, Germany and Canada regions. 

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