The Guardian said “the British state is reliant on traditional media outlets and social media sites to communicate indirectly about isolation measures”, an unfortunately accurate and damning summation of the ignorance of not completing a text alert system after trialling one.

Labour peer Tony Harris has long campaigned for the system to be implemented. Harris told the “It’s fallen between government departments as to who is going to pick up the bill, who’s going to lead on it, and all sorts of issues,” implying that a fight over budgets and responsibility has led to the UK not having this incredibly important system in place for a time of crisis.

Texting everyone in the country is a demonstrably more effective way to get a message to a nation, rather than relying on people tuning into one-time only news bulletins or Prime Ministerial broadcasts.

Thankfully the NHS has a text system it has recently used to message those people in the UK who are more susceptible to the coronavirus with the recommendation to stay inside for 12 weeks.