Samsung says it’s like having one ‘digital-first’ card and uses Curve’s existing tech to bring all your Mastercard and Visa banking cards into one app on your Samsung smartphone.

Samsung Pay Card boasts an eye-catching feature called ‘Go Back in Time’ that lets you move transactions from one card to another even after they’ve been completed. Otherwise, the scheme offers similar perks as a credit card might with 1% cashback on top of existing rewards from some partner brands, as well as earning 5% on all purchases made at via the Pay Card.

Samsung also said that its partnership with Mastercard should ensure payment acceptance worldwide.

Image: Samsung

When you dig into the specifics of the app, it’s notable that you can only view your last 10 transactions in the Samsung Pay app and have to view anything beyond that in the Curve app, so this is clearly a partnership that benefits Curve and isn’t all contained within Samsung’s own app.

But it’s debatably good that this is not just Samsung trying to sign you up to a branded credit card and could be useful if you don’t want to carry a wallet full of your cards around anymore.