OnePlus has announced it will hold a press conference at CES for the first time, cranking the rumour mill into full swing. The company does not usually officially present at CES, MWC or IFA, the mobile tech industry’s three biggest annual tradeshows.

Announced by journalists on Twitter who received invitiations to the event and confirmed by CEO Pete Lau who said it’ll be “something special”, OnePlus will have the presser at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas on 7 January – the first day of CES.

Given the hype surrounding OnePlus as it cements itself as a major smartphone player and the relative malaise the industry currently feels about CES, the company could well steamroll all other headlines if it launches a big product.

Speculation is that it will launch the rumoured OnePlus 8 Lite, but as the OnePlus 8 has not yet surfaced, the supposed mid-range phone might be the last in OnePlus’ 7 series of phones. If OnePlus is sticking to its normal phone release cycle, we aren’t due the regular OnePlus 8 until May.

Then again, CES loves a TV launch and OnePlus is already in the TV space. But we feel it may not be either of these products and OnePlus might be going all out and starting the new decade with a bang and enter into a new product category.

The invitation gives nothing away. But the long-rumoured OnePlus Watch would be an exciting prospect particularly given Google hasn’t ever released a smartwatch. The Apple Watch is so good now it makes most Wear OS watches look awful – OnePlus might be the company to reinvigorate consumer interest in Android friendly smartwatches.

Or is that an out of focus ear on the invite? Could OnePlus launch true wireless earbuds to compete with AirPods, Galaxy Buds and the rest?

Either way, we’ll be there on 7 January to see what exactly OnePlus has in store.