Panos Panay, Microsoft’s chief product officer and Surface device evangelist, has joined Sonos’ board of directors.

Announced in a press release, Panay was instated to the board as of 12 August.

Other recent board of directors appointees include Deirdre Findlay, chief marketing officer of Conde Nast, and Joanna Coles, former chief content officer of Hearst Magazines.

Sonos chairman of the board Mike Volpi said:

“Panos brings extensive experience in building powerful and engaging consumer hardware products and experiences that customers love, at a global scale. He understands how hardware and software work together to deliver products that are easy to use, and deliver a fantastic experience. His track record, along with his passion for Sonos, will make him an impactful contributor to the company’s ongoing success.”

While it implies nothing specifically, it is interesting to see a senior Microsoft head get on the board of a growing audio company like Sonos. While no official product partnership between the two companies exists, Panay’s appointment could end up being to the benefit of both companies.

Panay said, “Sonos is making some of the best consumer products out there by focusing on the end to end customer experience. I am excited to work with the board and to be part of what comes next.”

Panay recently unveiled the 10 September release date and $1,399 price of the Surface Duo, Microsoft’s new dual-screen Android device.