The Huawei P40 phones, like the Mate 30 phones before them, are likely to ship with an open source version of Android and rely on the Huawei App Gallery app store. This means most Google services will not be officially compatible.

Aside from this, the App Gallery will need to bolster its roster of apps – it doesn’t have the full range of popular apps that you’ll find in the Play Store for the western market. Huawei will use the postponed conference to encourage developers to build apps and rage developers to build apps that can be distributed by the App Gallery, not just the Play Store.

At its last developer conference Huawei announced Harmony OS, which many thought might be an Android alternative. It seems now though that the operating system will be used by other Huawei devices as part of its IoT push – and not in its smartphones.

In its native China, Huawei is continuing to thrive. Google services are not used in China, so the ban has not affected the company, which remains one of the country’s most beloved technology firms.

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