Both sites quote a release date of December 2020 so you're going to have to wait. 

Unlike some existing poor quality or very expensive Baby Yoda merch (OK fine, we can’t keep calling it The Child either) the Hasbro version is pretty faithful to the version seen in the Mandalorian and will burp and gurgle for you.

Hasbro is a well-established and loved toy brand, lending this the air of a proper official release.

Star Wars merchandise is famously more lucrative than the films themselves. From Darth Vader masks to ewoks, AT-AT walkers, lightsabers and Leia costumes, there really has been a never-ending demand for all things Star Wars from fans for the best part of 40 years.

With Baby Yoda reinvigorating the merch market along with BB-8 in recent years, it’s proof that Star Wars – and cute – will always rake it in.