The word ‘iPad’ is so synonymous with tablets that commentators would regularly refer to the Surface devices as ‘iPads’ when the deal began in 2013, much to Microsoft’s ire

“Today, we’re delighted to announce a multi-year expansion of our NFL partnership. We’ll continue developing innovative solutions for the NFL using Surface devices, and now expand our technology collaboration to include Microsoft Teams. With Microsoft Teams, we’ll empower the league and the individual NFL teams with technology to facilitate collaboration and creativity. The combination of Surface and Microsoft Teams will allow us, in partnership with the NFL, to continue to innovate for our collective fans,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate Vice President, Modern Life, Search & Devices, Microsoft.

This is a wordy way of saying that NFL teams will use Teams to message each other about work, and that Microsoft is really chuffed it’s getting so much Surface exposure through one of America’s biggest sports.

Microsoft’s announcement quoted Kim Rometo, Vice President and Chief Information Officer for the Miami Dolphins, who said: ““In Microsoft Teams we can easily collaborate on files, manage shared calendars, host meetings, and utilize existing integrations. Teams made cooperation with the NFL possible throughout the regular season and with Super Bowl planning.”

This goes to show how integrated Microsoft products and software will be in the NFL, with Mehdi adding that “with Microsoft Teams the NFL can stay constantly and securely connected in one hub for teamwork across all their devices, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.”

This is an example of Microsoft’s software strategy under Satya Nadella paying off – a hardware deal for the TV cameras, but a software deal that will let players and staff use their own iPhones, for instance, when using the services.

Though maybe the NFL will decide to buy in a load of Surface Duos when that device launches later this year