Deezer is offering three months free trials of each of its three paid subscription tiers in April to help you combat coronavirus lockdown boredom.

Until 30 April, Deezer’s Premium, Family and HiFi tiers will be free to all new users who sign up for the first three months. In a statement, Deezer breaks down the savings for you as thus:

Premium - no adverts, unlimited music, podcasts and radio (usually £9.99 a month, saving of £29.97)

Family - six different music profiles, up to 13 connected devices, kid-friendly content (usually £14.99 a month, saving of £44.97)

HiFi - CD-quality music for people who love their music sounding supreme (usually £19.99 a month, saving of £59.97)

After the three month trial you can either cancel your subscription or leave it open to start paying the regular price.

“Whether you’re alone or staying at home with your family 24/7, isolation can be challenging. Music, podcasts and radio can really help with your home routine. We wanted to make sure that everyone can use Deezer’s paid features for free for three months. That way, families can focus on doing the best they can and make each day count,” said Laurence Miall-d’Aout, Deezer’s Chief Commercial Officer.

Deezer’s premium features include the rather excellent (trust us) Flow, an intelligent playlist that learns your tastes and curates algorithmically selected tunes that it thinks you’ll like interspersed with recommendations from Deezer’s music editors (real people!).

The Family plan in particular looks like an excellent, free way to keep your whole clan entertained while you have to be indoors. You can save the Family Mix feature that shuffles up to six people’s favourite songs for the next BBQ of the year when all this madness is over.