The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ are undoubtedly Samsung's most competitive tablets to date, but the company still has work to do to become the default Android tablet maker. Competition in 2022 is stronger than it has been for a while, with new slates from the likes of, Nokia, Realme and Microsoft all coming to market recently.

It's clear Samsung needs to up its game to stay ahead of rivals, so we're expecting big things from the upcoming Tab S8 Series. As many as four new models could be released over the next few months, with the Tab S8 and S8+ expected to be joined by a new Ultra model and successor to the Tab S7 FE. Here's everything we know so far.

When will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series launch?

Using previous members of Samsung's Galaxy Tab S line as a guide is a tricky tightrope to walk, partly as a result of the more recent return to a multi-device strategy and partly because of how Samsung has viewed the Galaxy Tab S line and its purpose over the years.

Previous entries in the Tab S line have launched as early as March and as late as September, with 2020's Tab S7 and Tab S7+ making their debut in August; arriving as part of one of the company's own-brand 'Unpacked' events, alongside other productivity-focused devices, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

In a series of tweets posted in late July, tipster IceUniverse proclaimed that the Tab S8 series would be launching alongside Samsung's Galaxy S22 series smartphones – the anticipated successors to 2021's Galaxy S21 line, expected to arrive very soon. 

While we still don't know a specific release date, the Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra are almost certain to arrive in early 2022. This translated table from Korean site The Elec is more vague, simply suggesting a release sometime in the first six months of the year:

LetsGoDigital and WinFuture are among the first to commit to a specific launch date, suggesting it'll be unveiled alongside the S22 phones on 8 February 2022. However, it's not clear how long we'll be waiting for the device to go on sale.

After the Tab S8, S8+ and S8 Ultra launch, we're also expecting a successor to the Tab S7 FE to arrive at some point in 2022 - this will likely be known as the Tab S8 FE. Dutch tech site GalaxyClub (which broke the news) hasn't provided a more specific release window, but the table above suggests it'll arrive later in 2022 - Q3 or Q4.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/S8+/S8 FE/S8 Ultra cost?

A monster leak that emerged at the end of May 2021, hosted in a since-deleted tweet (at the request of the source) by tipster FrontTron, revealed three new Samsung flagship tablets, up from two in the Tab S7 Series.

Their names aren't yet official (the leak used codenames 'Basquiat 1', '2' and '3'), all signs point to Samsung releasing the Tab S8, Tab S8+ and new Tab S8 Ultra in the near future. The report includes only Korean pricing, split across three SKUs for each model: WiFi-only, 4G LTE and 5G (with approximate pricing roughly converted to regional currencies).

A subsequent January 2022 article from Appauls claims to have confirmed Euro pricing for all the new Tab S8 models, but it's unclear where the site found the information. There are no figures for non-5G LTE models here, suggesting they may be omitted from the final version or not sold globally. Here's how the two sources compare across the key Tab S8 Series configurations

According to FrontTron, the base WiFi-only Tab S8 is will cost KRW₩829,000 (approx. £530/€610/US$750), while the LTE version starts at ₩929,000 (approx. £590/€685/US$840) and the 5G variant costs from ₩1,029,000 (approx. £655/€780/US$930). On Appauls, these are €680-€700 (Wi-Fi) and €830-€850 (5G) respectively. 

Then there's the larger Tab S8+, which FrontTron says starts at ₩1,149,00 (approx. £730/€850/US$1,040), the LTE version is priced at ₩1,249,000 (approx. £795/€920/US$1,130) and the addition of 5G raises the starting price to ₩1,349,000 (approx. £860/€1,000/US$1,220). Appauls suggests this is €880-€900 (Wi-Fi) and €1,040-€1,060. 

FrontTron suggests the new Tab S8 Ultra will be available from ₩1,469,000 (£940/€1,085/US$1,325), ₩1,569,000 (£1,000/€1,160/US$1,415) and ₩1,669,000 (£1,065/€1,230/US$1,510) for the WiFi, LTE and 5G flavours, respectively. Appauls' information suggests these will be €1,040-€1,060 (Wi-Fi) and €1,200-€1,220.

The rumoured pricing of the S8 Ultra is potentially significant. If it proves to be roughly accurate, Samsung's new top-spec model would be event more expensive than the latest 12.9in iPad Pro. At this price point, it can't rely on just great hardware; the software must also be top notch.

The same leak reported by FrontTron suggests dedicated keyboard accessories for each new model are also on the way. A model for the regular Tab S8 will supposedly cost, ₩198,000 (approx. £125/€145/US$180), while you'll apparently pay ₩220,000 (approx. £140/€160/US$200) for the S8+ version and ₩320,000 (approx. £205/€235/US$290) for the S8 Ultra, respectively. The notable price hike of the Ultra's keyboard dock relates to an apparent versatility not afforded to the other two Tab S8 entries, but we don't know exactly what that will entail.

Looking further ahead, GalaxyClub, the Tab S8 Lite (or FE) will be the cheapest of the four, but it's not clear exactly how much you can expect to pay. For context, the Tab S7 FE starts at £529, so a similar pricing structure seems likely.

What features could the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8/S8 FE/S8+/S8 Ultra offer?

Samsung doesn't readily push either Tab S7 as a laptop replacement to the same degree as Apple does its iPads or Microsoft its Surface 2-in-1s, however, they're still some of the most capable slates out there, especially in the Android camp; which is sorely lacking in decent competition.

While some details remain a mystery, the table of leaked specs, initially shared by FrontTron, confirms returning features like quad speakers, S Pen support and 45W fast charging across the range.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series leaked specs
The leaked specs show the Tab S8 Ultra's keyboard dock supports modes for different use cases: laptop mode, tablet mode, drawing mode and viewing mode.

The Tab S8 is said to centre around a 120Hz 11in LTPS TFT display, while the Tab S8+ and Ultra will benefit from 120Hz AMOLED panels, instead; with the Plus measuring in at 12.4in and the Ultra an expansive 14.6in.

In September 2021, long-standing tipster Ice Universe, added to their initial tweet from July stating that that Ultra's display will sport a resolution of 2960x1848, implying a 16:10 aspect ratio and a pixel density of about 240ppi.

We now have seemingly have full specs for the S8 Ultra, courtesy of SamMobile. The big development here is that the device will feature a notch, something we're not expecting on any of the other Tab S8 models. This will house dual 12Mp ultrawide selfie cameras - alongside the dual rear cameras (13Mp + 6Mp), it's clear Samsung is prioritising the photography experience. 

It looks like this will be a small punch-hole, if an image from Samsung's official website is anything to go by. As 91Mobiles spotted, a tablet we haven't seen before was briefly included in a Bixby tutorial page. It's since been removed, but not before the image could be saved:

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra
Image: Samsung/91Mobiles

The same SamMobile article mentioned above suggests you'll be able to choose between 8, 12 or 16GB of RAM, alongside 128, 256 or 512GB of internal storage - this will likely still be expandable via microSD. Other key specs include an 11,200mAh battery with support for 45W fast charging.

Detailed renders of the regular Tab S8 have now emerged, courtesy of a partnership between OnLeaks and Zouton US. They show its 11in display and a fingerprint sensor that's believed to be built into the power button.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 renders Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 renders

A tweet from LetsGoDigital's Mark Peters provides a useful overview of what you can expect, alongside some unofficial renders:

However, an article from the same site suggests the regular Tab S8 won't come with a charger in the box.

These renders give a good idea of the design you can expect, but we now have real in-person images for the three main Tab S8 models. These were spotted by MySmartPrice and posted on Twitter by leaker Suhanshu Ambhore:

It's encouraging to see these devices in real life, although there are no surprises here. The smaller device in the fourth image is expected to be the more affordable Tab A8 Lite, not S8 Lite (or FE).

Samsung's One UI user experience already handles features like multi-window Android interaction fairly well but better app support is really the key to getting the most out of the tailored hardware and software the Tab S8 line will have on offer.

As such, it's Samsung's responsibility to work with third parties to bring better app support for its features and to its devices, such as its low latency S Pen, come Tab S8 launch time. However, the upcoming release of Android 12L should help - it's specifically designed for big-screen devices.

Out of the box, the Tab S8 Series is expected to run One UI 4.1 over Android 12. Compared to previous versions, Samsung's latest skin adds new customisation & personalisation options, a dim mode for easier use at night and the ability to quickly launch apps from the taskbar.

One important detail that's easy to miss in Ice Universe's July tweet (but doesn't feature in the initial FrontTron leak at all) is the silicon on which these tablets will likely be running. In that initial post, Ice Universe makes mention of the 'SM8450' – that's thought to be referring to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, Qualcomm's new flagship processor. At the time of this leak, Snapdragon 898 was the rumoured name.

Adding fuel to this particular fire, they then posted again in mid-August clarifying that, for whatever reason, there's little chance of the Tab S8 family resorting to Samsung's own 2022 flagship mobile SoC – the Exynos 2200 – and instead will come powered by the new Qualcomm chip.

The next-gen Qualcomm chip is expected to power the Tab S8 Ultra at the very least, although it may also arrive on other models. That high-end device has appeared in another Geekbench 5 result which makes for encouraging reading in terms of performance. It also suggests the device will include 8GB of RAM, likely on all configurations.

Contrary to the above leak, however, FrontTron picked up a post shared to South Korean message board Clién in September that suggests that at least the Tab S8 Ultra will run on an Exynos 2200, while the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 (898) will power the Plus model. However, there was no mention of the regular model.

Geekbench 5 scores for a device believed to be the Tab S8+ have also emerged. It shows the device running the new Snapdragon chipset as indicated above, although we shouldn't read too much into the unremarkable results. A subsequent Geekbench 5 listing yields similar results.

Curiously, it looks like the S8+ will be the only one of the three flagship tablets to have a side-mounted fingerprint sensor, presumably built into the power button. That's despite the Tab S8 and S8 Ultra supposedly using an under-display scanner, according to prolific leaker Max Jambor:

It's very unusual to see what's typically considered more budget-friendly tech (side-mounted scanner) on only the mid-spec model in a lineup, although Jambor is usually reliable. A month later, the same leaker uncovered an FCC certification that supposedly confirmed the S8 range would be sticking with the same S-Pen stylus:

According to SamMobile, Samsung's DeX software, which can turn your phone or tablet into a desktop-like experience, will also now support portrait mode. We're also expecting the Tab S8 Series to be the first tablet to have Samsung's Health app pre-installed - unlike some other phone apps, this will have a 3-column layout to make the most of the larger display.

Full specs for the Tab S8 Series have now leaked, courtesy of WinFuture. Here's what you can expect to see:

  Tab S8 Tab S8+ Tab S8 Ultra
Display 11in, 2560x1600 LCD, 120Hz 12.7in, 2800x1752 AMOLED, 120Hz 14.6in, 2960x1848 AMOLED, 120Hz
Processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Snapdragon 8 Gen 1
RAM, Storage 8GB, 128/256GB 8GB, 128/256GB 8/16GB, 128/512GB
Audio Quad speakers Quad speakers Quad speakers
Rear cameras 13Mp main, 6Mp ultrawide 13Mp main, 6Mp ultrawide 13Mp main, 6Mp ultrawide
Front camera 12Mp main 12Mp main Dual 12Mp
Battery 8,000mAh 10,090mAh 11,200mAh
Dimensions 253.8x165.4x6.3mm 285x185x5.7mm 208.6x326.4x5.5mm
Weight 507g 567g 728g

Official cases for the first three Tab S8 models are now available via UK retailers Options for the Tab S8, Tab S8+ and Tab S8 Ultra can't be bought yet though, and there are no images available. There are three different styles of case for the S8 Ultra but one for each of the other two devices - that suggests Samsung thinks the new high-end model will be the most popular. For now, the descriptions as a 'Book Cover', 'Protective Standing Cover' and 'Book Cover Keyboard' don't give much away.

There are also now some concrete rumours surrounding the Tab S8 Lite, or S8 FE as it's more likely to be called. According to Dutch tech site GalaxyClub, there'll be both Wi-Fi only and 5G variants and an LCD display, but little else is known.

We'll update this article as soon as we know more about the Tab S8 line. In the meantime, check out our round-up of the best Android tablets and best tablets overall to see what they'll be up against.