As a publication specifically targeted towards that group of people, there was little we could do with the news. Would anybody be interested in learning about a reasonably affordable device that's almost impossible for most of them to buy? The only angle we covered on launch day was what the Pro 7+ might mean for Microsoft's next consumer-focused 2-in-1, which we assume will be called the Surface Pro 8.

On the face of it, the limited release of the Surface Pro 7+ is a disappointment for many who have waited longer than ever for a new Surface Pro. There are relatively few new features, but these changes genuinely seem like they'd have a big effect on the user experience. 

Among the most high-profile upgrades is 4G LTE connectivity, allowing the Surface Pro to be a true portable productivity device for the first time if you get the i5 model. It's not 5G, but that technology's relatively limited coverage makes it far from a necessity, especially in this form factor. 

The same can be said of a new design, which is eagerly anticipated among consumers but in no way a priority for business and education customers. There's also the impressive removable SSD, but Microsoft has done this with business-focused hardware before without bringing it to the consumer markets.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7+
The Surface Pro 7+'s removable SSD. Image: Microsoft

That just leaves Intel's 11th-gen processors and the option for 32GB of RAM, but neither of those upgrades are perhaps enough to justify a widespread release by Microsoft. 

As you can see, there's a clear logic behind why the Surface Pro 7+ is available to only specific people, but it doesn't stop me from wishing it was also available to consumers. The '+' branding allows Microsoft to get away with a more iterative upgrade, and I genuinely feel like a lot of people would benefit from the new features on offer. 

If you work in education or rely on Surface for business purposes, you're in luck. The Surface Pro 7+ is available via the Microsoft website, with prices starting at £909/US$899 for the Wi-Fi model or £1,129/US$1,149 if you'd like to add LTE. 

For everyone else, let's hope this means the Surface Pro 8 isn't too far away. If you like the flexibility of the Surface range but don't want to wait for a new Pro, check out our round-up of the best 2-in-1 laptops