Another year means another new Kindle and for 2019 Amazon has given the cheapest model the upgrade treatment. It means that for the first time ever, the entire range has some kind of reading light. Find out all the Kindle 2019 details below.

When is the Kindle 2019 release date?

Amazon has confirmed that the new Kindle for 2019 will be available on 10 April.

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How much does the Kindle 2019 cost?

The Kindle 2019 starts at £69 or $89 in the US. You can add £10 or $20 to that if you want to remove the special offer ads.

You can pre-order the Kindle 2019 now from Amazon UK or Amazon US.

There's also a bundle which includes a case for £96 (£10 off buying them individually) or $124 ($15 off)

Kindle 2019

What are the Kindle 2019 new features?

As you've probably guessed by now, the Kindle 2019 has a light meaning you can read at night time or in any dark environment. It's the first time a model lower down than a Paperwhite has features a light.

The front light is adjustable and Amazon says it "makes it even more comfortable to read in a variety of places while still delivering weeks of battery life."

The display is still 6in and has a lower 169ppi pixel density vs 300ppi of the more expensive models. Amazon says it has upgraded E-ink technology for better contrast and now uses capacitive touch to prevent accidental swipes.

Amazon still fits the Kindle 2019 with 4GB of storage and although the device isn't IPX8 waterproof, it does have Bluetooth so you can listen to Audible books with wireless headphones or speakers.

The Kindle 2019 is available in black or white colours. It's a little thinner than its predecessor at 8.7mm but is heavier at 174g.