Amazon has cornered the kids tablet market for a number of years, and now it’s expanding the range to cater for older kids from around 8-12 years old.

Unlike the Kids Edition tablets – which remain on sale – the Pro versions have a new, less childlike interface designed to look more grown-up. They also have an expanded range of content appropriate for that age group, which is part of the Amazon Kids+ subscription service.

You get a whole year of Kids+ included with the purchase of both Kids Edition and Fire Kids Pro tablets.

They also have a slimmer bumper case that doesn’t look so baby-ish and is available in four different colours / prints: Sky Blue, Black, Doodle and Intergalactic. These cases have an adjustable stand that can be used to prop up the tablet on a table for watching video, as well as to angle is when using it for games or web browsing.

Amazon launches Fire Kids Pro tablets for older kids

And just like the Kids tablets, the Pro models have the same two-year guarantee that means you can get a replacement if they break for any reason (including accidental damage).

When do Amazon Fire Kids Pro tablets go on sale?

You can pre-order the three tablets immediately, but the first date you can actually get your hands on one is 26 May in the UK.

How much do Fire Kids Pro tablets cost?

They’re the same price as the regular Kids tablets:

What is Amazon Fire Kids Pro?

Amazon calls it a new experience, which comprises the tablet, case, Kids+ content and parental controls.

Effectively, Kids Pro tablets are designed to appeal to older kids who won’t want a regular Kids Edition tablet with its chunky case and basic interface.

Amazon launches Fire Kids Pro tablets for older kids

The new interface looks a lot more like the normal Fire tablet interface but it’s still locked down to protect children from accessing content that would be inappropriate. You can, though, give your kids access to specific apps and websites via the Parent Dashboard.

Amazon launches Fire Kids Pro tablets for older kids

Here’s what’s different about Fire Kids Pro:

  • Digital store: an app store specifically for kids with age appropriate apps and games including Disney+, Spotify, iPlayer, Zoom and more.
  • Expanded content: although Kids+ always catered for kids up to age 12, it now has more content including more Audible books, ebooks such as Billionaire Boy and Divergent, and videos such as Lego Ninjajo and Mr Bean.
  • Web browser: A proper web browser with filtered content designed to allow kids to access websites suitable for school projects, but parents can easily block or allow specific websites as well.
  • Voice + video calling: Although Kids Pro tablets don’t give kids access to Alexa, they can make and receive voice and video calls to approved contacts. Recipients simply need to have an Amazon Echo or the Alexa app. (This feature won’t be available at launch.)
  • Announcements: Kids can use the tablet to make announcements to Alexa-enabled devices around your home.
  • Music: A new music section lets kids listen to 10 child-friendly radio stations which don’t have adverts.
  • Home screen: the redesigned interface’s Home tab tells kids what their screen time rules are (set by parents in the Parent Dashboard) and their content.

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