For all those moments a regular sized hard drive doesn't cut it, you're going to want to turn to Western Digital. The new 15TB Ultrastar DC HC620 HDD is the largest magnetic hard drive to ever be made.

If you're just in one of those moods when you feel like downloading everything you see, Western Digital seems to know what that feeling is like. It would genuinely be a challenge for a regular consumer to fill this piece of hardware up, which is why its primarily being made for corporate clients who need a whole lot of storage for absurd amounts of data.

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While the price hasn't been announced yet we can confirm it's going to be somewhere between 'loads' and 'a lot' as this volume of storage doesn't come cheap. The largest drive previously was Western Digital's 14TB drive last year, and with a 15TB model this year we're sad to announce there won't be a prize for guessing the size of next year's model.

SSDs up to this point have typically been able to reach much higher storage capacities, up to 100TB, but these drives tend to be exponentially more expensive – as they are a much newer, faster technology.