For Black Friday, Amazon has discounted SanDisk’s Extreme microSD cards by up to 65%. The actual discount depends on capacity, and also the original price Amazon has decided to use.

As we all those, those “Was” prices change all the time so you never quite know how much discount you’re getting.  Let us assure you, though, these are great prices for these cards.

Don’t confuse them with the lesser SanDisk Ultra cards.. they may look and sound the same but the Extreme versions are the ones you want if you need the best performance.

They’re rated for (up to) 90MB/sec write and 160MB/s read speeds. And if you know your microSD standards, this is U3, A2 and V30. But with those read and write speeds, the Extreme range go well beyond the performance those call for.

Basically, it means you can pop this into anything you like: a 4K drone, action camera, dash cam or a Nintendo Switch, Android phone or something else and it will give you zero trouble. It’ll record 4K video endlessly and will load your apps and files if you use it in a phone, tablet or games console with minimal delay.

As mentioned the biggest discount (based on the original price) is 65% off the 128GB capacity, bringing it down to £16.99.

The 256GB is £31.99, and is also the lowest cost per gigabyte at 12.5p. The 400GB card is £59.99 – the lowest Amazon has ever sold it for – is slightly worse value at 15p per GB, but still a great deal if you need that much space, and your device supports it.

If you’re not planning on using the card for 4K video or gaming, you may well be better off saving money by buying the SanDisk Ultra microSD cards instead. These are fine for recording Full HD video, and for use in phones where performance doesn’t need to be the best possible.

Also note that some versions come with a full-size SD card adapter, and some don’t.

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