Cloud storage subscription prices can appear relatively cheap, but if you want a lot of storage, those monthly prices are higher. And when you calculate the cost over a number of years, you’ll realise it isn’t cheap at all.

That’s why lifetime deals are tempting: you pay once, then the storage is yours to use indefinitely.

This Black Friday, pCloud has knocked a huge 75% off its two lifetime packages, which is a remarkable saving.

If 500GB will cover your needs, then that’s the cheapest option. It costs £104.30 / US$122.50 instead of £425 / $500.

But for those needing more, there’s also a 2TB deal, which is usually £850 / $980. Take 75% off and it goes down to £209.30 / $245, which is a fantastic price for guaranteed safe storage.

That’s not massively more than the price of 2TB SSD, though you won’t get the super-fast transfer speeds, of course, because broadband connections are slower.

However the peace of mind you’ll have knowing that your data is safe is a worthwhile trade-off for many.

Of course, cloud storage means you can access the files you store from any phone, laptop or computer with an internet connection. Plus, you can also automatically back up photos and videos you take on your phone straight to your pCloud account.

That's handy given that Google put an end to free storage for Google Photos users.

Better still, these packages include 30 days’ file recovery, so you have a safety net if you accidentally delete something and then realise you need it.

We’ve used pCloud for several years at Tech Advisor and have found it great to use and utterly reliable. And at these prices, it’s easy to recommend.

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