Despite more competition than ever, Tinder remains the world’s most popular dating app. New features continue to be added all the time, as the company attempts to stretch its lead over its main rivals.

The latest updates to be announced focus on creating a more immersive dating experience, even if meeting in person is back on the cards for many people. They include the ability to add videos of up to 15 seconds directly to your profile.

Many people will welcome this new feature, but it feels overdue. Until now, you’ve been limited to a two-second looping clip, with the likes of Hinge allowing videos up to 30 seconds since 2017. Tinder says the feature has been designed with Gen Z in mind, which apparently represent over 50% of its global user base.

Elsewhere, Tinder has recognised that most people don’t want to mindlessly swipe on hundreds of profiles every day. A new ‘Explore’ section reflects that, aiming to connect people using their common interests. This section focuses on more than just dating – Tinder suggests it can be used ‘for a partner to explore every kind of activity’. Highlighted examples include thrill seekers and pets, but there’s plenty to choose from.

Tinder Explore
Image: Tinder

The Explore tab also includes ‘Hot Takes’, Tinder’s take on speed dating via live chat. This will allow people to chat before they match for the first time, based on a series of questions designed to help break the ice. Once the timer is up, both members must decide whether they wish to keep talking or move on to the next potential match.

Explore will be added to Tinder ‘later the summer’, with Hot Takes available every day from 6pm to 12am local time. No timeline has been provided for video profiles, so it could arrive sooner.

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