There's no question children today spend more time online than any previous generation – and why wouldn't they? With thousands of hours of entertainment across platforms like Disney+,  YouTube, and Twitch – and let's not forget social media –  kids today live online.

There are dangers to this, of course, whether it's the threat of accessing inappropriate content, interacting with strangers, or just spending too much time looking at screens.

Parents looking for a solution to keep their children safe online will be glad to know that the top parental control app, Qustodio now has 10% off its annual Premium plans as a part of its Back to School sale. Tech Advisor readers however can use the exclusive code TECHAD20 to get a full 20% off instead.

The 20% discount lasts until 14 August, midnight while the 10% discount lasts until 12 September.

Premium plans start at £35.96 per year, which covers up to five devices; the 20% discount brings the price down to £28.76. For larger families, there's the Medium plan (10-device coverage) and the Large plan(15-device coverage).

Qustodio offers a whole arsenal of tools to keep children protected online, including advanced reporting tools that email parents a 30-day breakdown of their child's online activity.

We should point out that on mobile, Qustodio is better suited to Android devices with some features available for Android only, such as Call tracking and blocking, SMS tracking, and the Panic button.

Qustodio also introduced a couple of new features. YouTube monitoring allows parents to see what their child searches and watches. Again, this feature works only on Android on mobile, though works on Windows and Mac on desktop.

The new Family Locator feature also allows parents to track their children on a map. This feature works on both Android and iOS.

Other Qustodio features include:

  • Web filtering
  • Time limits by device
  • Games and apps blocking
  • Advanced Facebook monitoring

Head to Qustodio now to pick up a family plan with up to 20% off until 14 August. You can also try out the software for free for three days.