Mozilla has updated its Firefox for Android app, with an increased concentration on speed and privacy.

Firefox Browser, which is also referred to as Firefox Daylight and until now was called Firefox Preview, has a new fresh looking interface that sits in front of some desirable features such as automatic tracking detection.

On by default, this function blocks trackers on websites that you wouldn’t normally realise were there, such as the Facebook trackers following you all over the web to serve you ‘relevant’ ads. You can drill down and customise these settings to be looser or stricter.

There are also add-ons available such as third party ad blockers, dark mode for websites, HTTPS encryption and more.

It’s great to see such smart tracking blocking and add-ons baked into a clean browser experience. You can move the search bar to the bottom of the screen, and there’s a dark mode option if that’s how you like to run your phone.

Firefox Browser also tidies up the bookmark bar by adding a collections option that lets you group tabs to break down frequently visited websites into convenient buckets. Mozilla says this is to improve productivity on mobile, but it also helps to avoid a lengthy bookmark list.

This is all presented with promised speedier performance. The browser is based on Mozilla’s own GeckoView browser engine, so it’s independently run and is not based on Google’s mobile engine Blink like Chrome and Microsoft Edge are.

You can download Firefox Browser now from the Google Play Store.