Google has blocked the use of Zoom’s desktop client on employee’s Google-issued laptops citing security concerns, reports Buzzfeed News

A company-wide email was reportedly sent last week stating the Zoom app installed had “security vulnerabilities” and that it would soon stop working on employees’ work computers.

Jose Castaneda, a Google spokesperson, told BuzzFeed News:

“We have long had a policy of not allowing employees to use unapproved apps for work that are outside of our corporate network. Recently, our security team informed employees using Zoom Desktop Client that it will no longer run on corporate computers as it does not meet our security standards for apps used by our employees. Employees who have been using Zoom to stay in touch with family and friends can continue to do so through a web browser or via mobile.”

Use of the enterprise-focused video conferencing app Zoom has skyrocketed since the global coronavirus pandemic began as workers confined to their homes used it more for work, and then also for personal calls to keep in touch with family and friends.

The boom in use has resulted in reports of security concerns, with Zoom CEO Eric Yuan going as far as to issue an apology in which he said “we recognize that we have fallen short of the community’s – and our own – privacy and security expectations. For that, I am deeply sorry.” It came shortly after several reports including this one from Motherboard that proved the app was sharing data to Facebook. 

Elon Musk’s company SpaceX has already also banned Zoom. The backlash is fully on for Zoom for businesses which may rock it, but with use up so much, the last few weeks can still be considered somewhat a success story for the company. Zoom is now a household name.