If you’ve had your PC for a long time, then it'll most likely be clogged with various programs and apps, or maybe even the odd bug or virus that you just can’t seem to delete. Sometimes the bog-standard security software won’t keep you protected, and you may need to upgrade to something a little more premium.

Fortunately, that won’t cost you the Earth this Black Friday weekend. CCleaner is offering half off its Professional software, knocking it down to just £9.95. For that price you get the standard privacy protection and cleaning (as seen on the free version), but you also get a whole host more. This includes updating apps to reduce security risks, keeping your browser history private, detecting and removing internet trackers and much more.

Software like this cuts out a lot of time and effort on your part, keeping you assured that your PC is able to clean itself. Of course if you’d like to know some more manual methods that you can do for cleaning up your hard drive, then take a look at our guide on 5 free ways to clean up Windows.

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