Twitter today confirmed (via a tweet, of course) that it is rolling out a feature that easier lets its users find quote tweets.

Already tested in some regions, the feature separates quote tweets from normal retweets, and relabels them ‘Quote Tweets’ instead of ‘Retweets with comments’.

You can view quote tweets by tapping or clicking on a tweet to view its replies and metrics. Retweets, replies, and likes will remain as clickable links, too.

Twitter was testing the ‘Retweets with comments’ label back in May, but it appears it has decided to call them quote tweets.

Twitter says this makes quote tweets “easier to find” by putting them all in one place. We're not sure we ever really needed to see quote tweets easier, but it's there now if you want it.

The platform is tweaking its tried and tested formula of late without really overhauling the service. Apart from the doubling of characters allowed in a tweet from 140 to 280 in November 2017, the service is very similar to when it debuted in 2006 - albeit now with more Russian bots.