Twitter is creating two new internal teams to help improve accessibility on its platform.

In a blog post, the company said that it realised “how much work we still need to do as a company” when it comes to accessibility after it tested voice tweets earlier in the year.

The first team is called the Accessibility Center of Excellence, which is designed to help Twitter’s own employees directly. The company says it will “set goals, drive progress, consult and partner with groups across our core business functions to help make aspects of Twitter more accessible,” including office accessibility, and company policy.

The second team, the Experience Accessibility Team, will deal directly with making Twitter a more accessible service by creating as-yet unnamed “new and existing features and products,” while “providing resources and tools that promote greater accessibility on the service.”

Twitter currently lacks fairly basic accessibility features like automated closed captions, a feature found on Facebook and YouTube. Given Twitter’s status as a major social network, it is also a little worrying that such teams within the company don’t appear to have existed before this announcement, potentially highlighting how long the company has gone without properly addressing its deficiencies in the area.