Twitter has introduced a feature that lets users hide replies to their own tweets from the main tweet thread. In the below GIF, Twitter gives the example of a spam reply that isn’t relevant being banished to hidden replies:

You, or any other Twitter user, can tap or click to view all the hidden replies. They are not hidden completely.

Despite this, some Twitter users feel this is a form of censorship. Accounts may use this feature to hide replies that are negative towards their own thoughts, feelings or political bent in order to curate a reply thread to suit their tastes.

While hidden replies can indeed be viewed, the feature is in its infancy and it may not be obvious to all users that they can go and view the replies. The move will no doubt be positioned by Twitter as a way of curbing online spam and abuse, but it could also be perceived as a way of shunning the responsibility from the company’s own shoulders.

Twitter recently banned all political advertising on its platform, a move that it largely gained positive response to.