Snapchat is one of the best apps for taking fun photos and sharing them with your friends. You can add fun effects to your pictures using lenses which change your face such as giving you dog ears, cat whiskers and many more. If you have one, you can link your Bitmoji - your own personal emoji - to your Snapchat account and add it to Snaps. 

Snapchat also includes minigames that you can play with your friends. Here we’re going to share our ten best tricks and tips for having the most fun with Snapchat .

Save your photos

There are two options on how to save photos you take.

You can either save them to Snapchat or to your phone's photo gallery. If you’re like me, you'll probably take at least a dozen pictures a day and saving them to your gallery will fill up your storage fast. So when you choose where to save your photos, save them to Snapchat.

Some phone storage is used, but Snaps are saved in the cloud and you can delete any local photos and they will still be available in Snapchat Memories.


Bitmoji is a separate app which lets you create an emoji which looks like you, much like Apple's Memoji on an iPhone.

The good news is that you can use your Bitmoji in Snapchat. Make sure you have the Bitmoji app installed, and linked to Snapchat.

Then you can choose from Bitmoji Deluxe , Bitmoji Classic or Bitstrips. Bitmoji Deluxe is the most customisable avatar style with many different options and choices. You can even choose an ombre hair colour, a unicorn outfit and much more. 

Chats and Group Chats

Snapchat is great for playing around with photos and lenses, but it's obviously more fun with your friends.

If you press the chat button, you can see all of your contacts which have Snapchat. At the top you can see a button that has a plus and a head icon. When you tap that, you can choose which friend to chat to. You'll have to wait until the other person has accepted to chat with them.

If you want to make a group chat, press the speech bubble button, then you can create a new group. You can then select which contacts to be in the group. 

You can also use Snapchat for video calls, and here's how to group video call in Snapchat.

Text & Stickers

When you have taken a photo you will see six little buttons down the right side.

Tap the ‘t’ button and you can type some text to add to your picture. You can change the font by selecting a font from the bottom. You can select a colour by adjusting the colour strip.

If you press the pen button, you can adjust the colour and draw with your finger and you can use the dropper to pick a specific colour from the photo to make your text match.

If you tap the sticker button you can add a GIF or a sticker to your picture: this could be a bitmoji or anything.

Snap Map

Snap Map is where you can see your friends' locations. You can share yours too, but only if you want to.

You can share it with certain people or block others from seeing it. If you don't want anyone to see you, you can enable ghost mode. As it suggests, you are then a ghost and no-one can see where you are.

Here's exactly how to use Snap Map


When you are on a chat window, you will see a few little buttons next to the text bar. Tap on the rocket and over a dozen minigames will appear. You can play on your own or with friends.

Bitmoji party is great fun in particular. Within this are lots of different games such as pool party and zombie escape. If you are selected to be the game master, you control the game.

Community lenses

If there is a lens that you want and it is not shown in the main camera screen, you can tap the face button, which is next to the Discover button. This will bring up many more lenses which are created by other Snapchat users.

You can choose from these 'community lenses' and search for what you want. In general, as they are not made by Snapchat, they're not as good as the official ones.


Tap the Discover button and you'll see peoples' stories, with those you subscribe to at the top. A few I like include five-minute craft, phony texts and Bitmoji stories.

Bitmoji stories are great as you can watch your Bitmoji and the last person you messaged in animated adventures. 

Of course, there are so many different things that you can watch on Snapchat from tattoo art to hooked on the look.


If you tap on a friend's profile and scroll down you can see charms such as your friends birthstone and, if you are best friends you get a best friends charm. When you become friends you get different badges for being friends for a certain amount of time.

If you have a birthday in the same week, you will get a birthday twins charm. There are many badges you can collect for completely different things, like your astrological sign charms.

Filters & stickers  

If you want to take a photo or a selfie, you can press on the face button to get filters and you can swipe across and take pictures . when you have taken  and saved your picture you can swipe across for different effects like black and white and different stickers.