BT has announced a range of new full fibre packages aimed at small businesses in the UK.

The packages are designed to provide small business owners with high-speed broadband, but at a lower cost than previously available.

They're called Full Fibre Business Essential and there are several tiers offering speeds of up to 900Mbps. For £25.95 per month, which is the cheapest option, you get a download speed of 150Mbps, is twice the speed available from a standard Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connection. 

That's the type of connection most homes have, with the connection from the cabinet in the street to the home is a copper wire which limits download speeds.

If 150Mbps isn't fast enough,. you can pay £34.95 per month for 300Mbps, £44.95 for 500Mbps and £47.50 for 900Mbps.

“With more people shifting to working from home and setting up businesses from the kitchen table, improving access to affordable full fibre broadband is more important than ever,” says Chris Sims, BT managing director for SoHo (Single office/Home office) unit.

The new plans follow the introduction of BT Home Essentials, low-cost broadband packages for those on benefits. 

Research from BT and Small Business Britain found that 65% of SMBs say that their need for a reliable broadband connection increased over the past year. The research also found that 53% have experienced income reduction as a result of the Covid-19 restrictions.

Of course, neither finding will come as a surprise to small business owners.

“Many of the country’s smallest business owners are also feeling financially squeezed by the lasting effects of the pandemic, so we’ve come up with our best value full fibre packages yet,” added Sims. “The new packages offer the UK’s smallest firms a reliable broadband connection with guaranteed signal wherever they’re running their business from, all at an affordable price.”

Find out if Full Fibre Business Essential is available in your area.

BT claims to be focused on providing sole traders (and businesses with up to ten staff) these high speeds of up to 900Mbps. The problem, however, is that currently only around 20% of UK homes have access to full fibre broadband, according to recent figures from Ofcom.

BT is in the process of upgrading its infrastructure to full fibre in many areas: you can see whether it will be installed in your area using this Openreach FTTP map.

If you're not able to get full fibre, read our roundup of the best broadband services in the UK to see how the big providers compare.