It’s only available on the five-year plan, but as it’s so cheap you’ll still pay less than many two-year subscriptions from rivals.

As with all these deals, you pay for the full subscription up front – not monthly. But at $99, which is around £76, it’s still a very affordable way to get protection for your devices for a very long time to come.

You can read our PureVPN review for more details, but suffice to say that it’s one of our top recommendations for a VPN service.

Whether you're after a VPN for stronger online security, or just want a cheap VPN to stream Netflix or the BBC iPlayer from abroad, it's a great time to subscribe to PureVPN.

The deal price is also cheaper than NordVPN's. Nord isn't running a dedicated Halloween promotion and is currently £2.86 for a 2-year plan. Instead, Nord is offering a free extra subscription, with the chance of a 1-month, 1-year or 2-year bonus at random.

In terms of compatibility, PureVPN works across all major desktop and mobile operating systems: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux. You can use your subscription on five devices at the same time, which is especially convenient if you watch Netflix on both your laptop and phone.

PureVPN Halloween deal

PureVPN has just increased its server count from 2000 to over 3200, and also upgraded its network hardware from 1Gbps to 10Gbps for faster speeds.

Its audited no-logs policy mean the service doesn't store any of your details either, such as your IP address or the number of times you've connected to the service.

Another useful feature of PureVPN is its 'kill switch' option, which ends your internet connection if the VPN drops, keeping your identity private.

Head to PureVPN now to grab its 85% off Halloween deal.

Also check out our round up of the best VPNs for streaming. We've also shortlisted the very best VPN deals on now across all major providers below:

1. Ivacy five-year VPN subscription

From: Ivacy

Was: $597 ($9.95 per month)

Now: $80 - approx. £56.50 ($1.33 per month - approx 94p)  (87% off)

Ivacy's Deal Of The Year is one of the best around, knocking 87% off the usual monthly price.

It's a five-year subscription for which you'll pay $1.33 per month, which is about 94p if you're in the UK. That's an up-front payment of $80 (around £56.50) which is an absolute bargain.

Ivacy offers a great service which supports P2P downloads, unblocks streaming services (including Netflix and Disney+) and, like any VPN service, gives you security when using public Wi-Fi and privacy when browsing the web.

It's one the cheapest VPN deals around and, as a bonus, you also get 2TB of encrypted cloud storage!

2. VyprVPN three-year subscription

From: VyprVPN

Was: $466.20 / £335.16

Now: $60 / £45  (87% off)

VyprVPN's Spring Sale brings yet more huge discounts. The current offer is for a two-year subscription with 87% off.

The way the offer is presented, as with so many VPN deals, is misleading. It's a two year subscription with a full 12 months free. Yet the $60 / £45 cost, instead of being spread over 24 months is divided by 36 months to make it look even cheaper - which would mean no free months.

Still, it's excellent value whichever way you look at it.

If you're wondering why you should choose VyprVPN: it owns and manages all of its servers, and is a great choice if your priorities are security and privacy.

It also supports the fast WireGuard protocol and has 70 locations to choose from around the world.

You can read our VyprVPN review for more details.

3. Surfshark two-year subscription

From: Surfshark

Was: $310.80 / £263.80

Now: $59.76 / £50.71  (81% off)

Sign up for a two-year subscription of this great VPN to get 81% off.

Surfshark is one of the best-value VPN services and is one of the few which doesn't put a limit on the number of devices you can use with it at the same time.

Get Surfshark here

4. Atlas VPN Premium 3-year subscription

From: Atlas VPN

Was: $359.64 - approx £255

Now: $50.04 - approx £35.50  (86% off)

Atlas VPN is a relatively new services, but it recently expanded from 18 to 32 locations including Japan, with Netflix support. 

It doesn't tick as many boxes as NordVPN or Surfshark, but if you're just looking for the lowest monthly price, then this deal should be tempting, especially as Atlas VPN doesn't put any restrictions on the number of devices you can use with the service at the same time.

5. Private Internet Access two-year subscription

From: Private Internet Access

Was: $310.70 / £258.70

Now: $69.95 / £56.99  (78% off)

Private Internet Access is offering 78% off its two-year subscription. It's currently ranked third in our best VPN chart – read our full PIA review.

The monthly price shown on PIA's site countss the extra two months not as free but as paid months. It's a cheeky way of making it look cheaper than it really is. 

6. CyberGhost one-year subscription

From: CyberGhost

Was: $155.88 / £110

Now: $29 / £25  (81% off)

CyberGhost is a great VPN service and its current offer is for a year's subscription.

You also get three months on top for free. 

It's not as good as VyprVPN's deal, which is for two years plus a whole free year, but it does offer a lot more servers and locations. And it's cheaper, which is great if you don't really want to commit for more than a year anyway.

You'll find CyberGhost in our round-up of the best VPNs.

7. NordVPN two-year subscription

From: NordVPN

Was: £238.68 / $332

Now: £87.91 / $99  (69% off)

NordVPN is offering 69% off its 2-year plan as part of its summer deal.

NordVPN tops our round-up of the best VPN services you can buy, and its NordLynx protocol (based on WireGuard) offers up to twice the speed as before.

The +3 months free part should be ignored since NordVPN has factored these extra months into the monthly price, making it look lower than it really is. That's why we're only showing the total amount you actually pay at the checkout.

8. Hidden24 two-year subscription

From: Hidden24

Was: £119.76

Now: £78.96 (£3.29 per month)  (44% off)

Get Hidden24 VPN for just £3.29 per month instead of the usual £4.99.

It's a VPN service with a difference: it doesn't require an app. It will suit anyone wanting a VPN for absolute privacy as it logs precisely nothing.

Your device will need to support a VPN connection natively, but Windows, Android, iOS and macOS all do.

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