McAfee has unveiled the next version of Antivirus Plus, LiveSafe and Total Protection. They come with quicker threat detection, clearer alert messages and protection from social media scams.

The company says that the recent surge in online scams means consumers need better protection from their antivirus software.

A recent survey by the company found that almost 30% of those using social media have been sent a ‘dodgy’ link, and that 60% of those links were sent to them by a trusted friend or family member.

The latest versions of McAfee’s security software will annotate your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn feeds to help stop you from clicking on those links.

Notifications have also been redesigned to make the security risks a lot clearer, and a single-click fix to keep you safe.

Plus, in the Android app, the main scan function now includes checking which of your apps request personal information, so you’re better aware of the permissions you’ve granted and can revoke them.

The iPhone app has been updated: you can use the password manager to automatically fill in login details on websites as well as any apps which require you to sign in.

McAfee Total Protection 2021

Other updates to the range include a better integrated VPN service, so you no longer need to sign in separately to your antivirus and VPN and have separate apps.

McAfee Total Protection 2021

“Now, and looking to the future, consumers will continue to need improved, integrated, intuitive protection for all aspects of their digital lives- from working to shopping, learning and entertaining from home,” said Jesús Sanchez-Aguilera, head of EMEA Consumer at McAfee. “We’re confident that our latest products offer consumers the right solutions that allow them to enjoy their connectivity and focus on what matters most to them- their family and their friends.” 

You can get the latest version of McAfee Antivirus Plus, LiveSafe and Total Protection here.

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