Amazon's asking price remains £10 higher, and while Kaspersky's Spring sale drops the price to £44.99, it's still more expensive than the limited-time discount.  

You can expect comprehensive protection from Kaspersky Total Security 2020. 

On the antivirus front, the software instantly identifies and automatically removes threats, while anti-hacking features provide firewall and payment protection, as well as protection from ransomware.

Whether you're browsing on your PC or mobile, Total Security 2020 also works against malware and malicious links to keep you protected online.

Aside from core features, Total Protection 2020 bundles services that would otherwise cost you up to £14.99 separately, like Kaspersky Safe Kids Premium and Kaspersky Password Manager Premium. Also included is VPN access, though this is limited to 300MB of browsing per day.

New to the Total Security 2020 is added protection when your device starts up, along with stronger protection against file manipulation. You also get better protection against malware that attacks weaknesses in popular software like Microsoft Office – which is particularly relevant with so many of us working from home.

Android users also get a new Permission Checker option that sends out a notification when an app requests potentially dangerous permissions.

Total Security works on Android, Windows and Mac OS X.

Pick up Total Security 2020 for £29.99 now or head over to Kaspersky to learn more about its features.