As we install more and more connected gadgets in our homes, the risks of being hacked increase. Cybercriminals are targeting these smart gadgets, such as cameras, smart speakers and TVs (which have microphones) and other devices because many are easy to hack.

They’re after your personal information, passwords, financial details – anything they can sell or use to make money. With so many people working from home, they’re targeting home computers with weak security to break into company networks too.

Hedgehog is the latest device that claims to protect everything on your home network from such attacks, and the company says it will stop the threats which firewalls and anti-virus software can’t.

Although the makers say it’s the first of its kind, it’s similar to the Bitdefender Box, Norton Core and other ‘security routers’. Essentially, they cover the security holes which a standard home router leaves open and protects devices which can’t run antivirus and other security software, such as security cameras.

Hedgehog security device

The Hedgehog is – admittedly – different from the Bitdefender Boxes of this world as it doesn’t seek to replace your router or existing Wi-Fi but instead work alongside it. There is – as you’d expect – an app which gives you a heads-up of potential security issues, such as your router having a weak password, or if someone’s personal details have been leaked online.

It lets you keep tabs on which devices are connected and any relevant activity, and the system uses Zobi Home Intelligence (a form of AI) to provide protection.

Hedgehog security device

Looking unlike most networking gear, the Hedgehog comes in five different colours and costs £199 (around $260). Currently it's available to pre-order from Hedgehog's website.

It’s a subscription service, too, so you’ll pay a monthly fee to get this protection and – oddly and somewhat contrary to the 360° protection message – there is a range of options depending on the kind of protection you want: £3.99 ($5) for essentials, family cover at £4.99 ($6.50) and £9.99 ($13) for the gaming edition. 

Scott Lever, Founder of Hedgehog, said: “Many people think anti-virus software or firewalls stop cybercrime, but they only protect PCs. We have so many connected devices in the home from nanny cams to smart fridges, digital doorbells and games consoles, that people don’t consider are all potential targets.”

“After being a victim of identity theft myself, and with a background in IT, I wanted to create a truly unique and pioneering solution to bring cybersecurity to consumers without needing to understand the technology. Hedgehog is simple, smart and secure and offers complete protection to ensure our homes and the loved ones within them are kept away from harm.”

Discounts will be available from IndieGoGo and Kickstarter and offer a reduction of up to half price.

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