Today, Polaroid launched its latest instant camera, the Polaroid Now+: an analogue instant camera that features compatibility with the Polaroid app to help users get creative with their photography using its numerous modes and physical filters.

Coming in a choice of three colours (Blue Gray, white and black), the Polaroid Now+ invokes the classic Polaroid design and works with Polaroid i-type film, in both colour, and black and white.

Changes from the previous Polaroid Now (launched in 2020) include a universal tripod mount, app connectivity and five lens filters, complete with a carry case.

Photographers can utilise the Polaroid app to take photos remotely, and activate other automatic modes, including light painting, double exposure, portrait mode, aperture priority mode and tripod mode. The app also includes tips for configuring the best settings for these types of photos.

The camera comes with five snap-on lens filters in a range of colours/styles which can add an extra flair to photos. There are options to enhance colour saturation as well as more experimental options like 'starburst' and 'red vignette'.

For those who feel more confident in their photographic abilities, there’s also a manual mode that gives users control over lighting levels to suit their own preferences when shooting.

The Polaroid Now+ costs £139.99/US$149.99 and is available to purchase from the Polaroid website and other third-party retailers. The Polaroid app is available to download on iOS and Android. 

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