The GTX 1070 is over a year old now and Nvidia has announced a faster Ti version, rather than waiting until it launches the next-gen Volta cards.

Whether or not this interim card is specifically to compete with AMD’s recent Vega 56 is pure speculation, but here's the low-down on the new graphics card.

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What specs will the GTX 1070 Ti have?

These are the highlights:

  • 2432 CUDA cores
  • 1607MHz base clock
  • 1683MHz boost clock
  • 8GB GDDR5 memory
  • 8Gb/s memory throughput

Nvidia superfans will already know that this brings the core count of the 1070 Ti close to the GTX 1080, which has 2560 CUDA cores.

And the base clock speed of 1607MHz is the same as the 1080, though the boost speed is the same as the 1070.

The rumours were all true: the new card will have GDDR5 memory instead of GDDR5X – as with the GTX 1080 – and has a bandwidth of 8Gb/s, 3Gb/s slower than the 1080. It equates to 256GB/s throughput.

And it will need just one eight-pin PCI-E power connector from your PC's power supply. 

How much will the 1070 Ti cost?

Quite a lot less than a GTX 1080. The Founder's Edition costs £419 ($449.99, 469 Euros). 

The Vega 56 – the cheapest versions at any rate – currently cost around £460, so the 1070 Ti appears to be priced to undercut it by a decent margin.

When is the GTX 1070 Ti release date?

2 November 2017

The card will launch at the beginning of November, with the Founder's Edition already available on pre-order from Nvidia direct.

Cards from partners will also be available at £419, including from Asus, Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac and Palit.

There will be 'mini' versions (shorter than the 10.5in reference card) which could make the 1070 Ti suitable for smaller cases, such as this one from Zotac:

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti release date price specs

GeForce GTX 1070 Ti: full specifications


Graphics Processing Clusters 
Streaming Multiprocessors 19
CUDA Cores (single precision)  2432
Texture Units 152
ROP Units 64
Base Clock  1607 1607MHz
Boost Clock 1683 1683MHz
Memory Clock   4006MHz
Memory Data Rate  8 Gbps 
L2 Cache Size  2048K 
Total Video Memory  8192MB GDDR5 
Memory Interface  256-bit 
Total Memory Bandwidth  256 GB/s 
Texture Rate (Bilinear)  244.3 GigaTexels/sec 
Fabrication Process  16nm
Transistor Count  7.2 Billion 
Connectors  3 x DisplayPort  1 x HDMI 1 x Dual-Link DVI 
Form Factor   Dual Slot
Power Connectors  One 8-pin  
Recommended Power Supply 500 Watts 
Thermal Design Power (TDP) 180 Watts 
Thermal Threshold 94° C