Razer is adding to its line of productivity peripherals with the announcement of three new products: the Pro Click Mini mouse, Pro Type Ultra keyboard, and Pro Glide XXL mouse pad.

Both the mouse and keyboard come in a white finish, something Razer believes blends in better with home office set-ups than the brand's traditional black and green. The colour is already seen on Razer’s current line-up of productivity products, which includes the Pro Click mouse, the Pro Type keyboard and the Pro Glide mat - the original products that these refreshes are based on. 

The new peripherals are all designed with work in mind, with improvements to the acoustics, comfort levels and connectivity across all three devices.

Razer Pro Click Mini

Pro Click Mini

The Pro Click Mini is the star of the new range, and is a smaller variant of the original Pro Click mouse.

The mouse features small and compact design which makes it portable and easy to use out and about. Equipped with silent, tactile mouse buttons, the Pro Click Mini also features a scroll wheel that can tilt four ways.

This wheel can switch between two modes – free spin mode, which is designed for skimming long documents quickly, or tactile mode, which is for more precise scrolling. It can produce up to 15 million clicks.

The Pro Click Mini can connect either via Bluetooth (BLE), or via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi via the Razer Productivity Dongle. Razer states that if used via Bluetooth, the mouse can last up to 725 hours. If used via Wi-Fi, this number drops to 465 hours.

The mouse can connect to up to four devices with Wi-Fi (three via Bluetooth) and includes seven programmable buttons.

The original Pro Click mouse features a larger, ergonomic design, up to 400 hours worth of battery life and doesn't have the silent click technology which the Pro Click Mini does. 

The Pro Click Mini is available to order now, for £79.99/$79.99/€89.99.

Razer Pro Type Ultra

Pro Type Ultra keyboard

The Razer Pro Type Ultra features a few tweaks from the original Pro Type keyboard, including a more ergonomic design for users, with a plush, leather wrist rest attached at the bottom. 

The soft-coated, Yellow mechanical linear keys are silent, made with dampening foam. The media key has been changed to access software quickly, and wired support for the keyboard has now been added. The keys are fully customisable, and up to four devices can be connected wirelessly.

The Razer Pro Type Ultra can connect to your device either via Bluetooth or via the Wi-Fi dongle. Bluetooth connection can provide up to 214 hours (without the backlight), whilst the 2.4GHz connection can give up to 207 hours of use. It can also withstand up to 80 million key presses.

The original Pro Type keyboard comes in at a slightly cheaper price, and uses Mechanical Switches (Orange) which produce a slightly lounder typing sound. There's also no wrist rest included with this keyboard. 

The Pro Type Ultra is available to pre-order now for £159.99/$159.99/€169.99.

Razer Pro Glide XXL

Pro Glide XXL

The Razer Pro Glide XXL mouse mat features a larger design than the classic Razer Pro Glide, providing space for a keyboard, mouse, and cushioning for your hand and arm during work.

The mat is made from thick, high-density rubber foam underneath, which is covered in a light grey, textured cloth surface. It also has an anti-slip base to keep everything in place.

Like the Pro Click Mini, the Pro Glide XXL is available right now, and costs just £29.99/$29.99/€34.99.

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