Pro-AV manufacturer Ugreen is jumping the gun on Black Friday with a week of discounts on its charging products, including PD (Power Delivery) chargers and USB-C cables. These discounts are live until November 10th in the UK only.

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For starters, there’s a 17% discount on its 18W USB-C PD Charger, down from an already reasonable £10.79 to just £8.99.

Apple has traditionally been a Scrooge with the chargers it includes in the box with its iPhones. Even the latest iPhone 11 still ships with a puny 5W charger. Luckily, the iPhone 11 Pro at last comes with a proper 18W charger.

So if you own an iPhone 11 or model previous to this, here’s an excellent way to buy a trustworthy 18W charger to power-up your device much faster. Apple's own 18W charger costs a whopping £29.

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USB-C to USB-C cable

There are also a bunch of USB-C cables discounted in the promotion.

You can buy a 3.3ft USB-C to Lightning cable for £10.19, which is 15% off the standard price.

There are USB-C to USB-C cables (which can handle charging at up to 60W) from 1m to 2m, at offers of up to 20% off. The 1m USB-C to USB-C cable costs £5.95 (15% off) and the 2m version is 20% off at £6.39.

You can also buy the same but with one of the USB-C ends at a 90-degree angle, which should reduce the potential for cable splitting. The 90-degree USB-C to USB-C cables is priced at £6.74 for 1m length and at £8.74 at 2m.

We have also created a list of the best USB-C cables if you want to see more options.

Ugreen USB-A 4-port hub

Ugreen’s biggest discount is 31% off its 4-port USB hub, although this is still USB-A only, not USB-C. It’s down from £11.99 to £8.24, and is a bargain if your old USB-A computer lacks all the USB ports you need.

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