The June Steam Hardware Survey shows AMD continuing to eat into Intel and Nvidia’s market shares, with growth in the proportion of people running AMD processors and graphics cards for the third month in a row.

23.16% of Steam users used an AMD CPU in June - a growth of 0.71% over May. That may not sound like much, but it means that AMD’s market share has grown by 2.01% since March. Given how rarely people actually change CPUs, that’s actually a pretty substantial gain for AMD - and a big blow to its rival Intel.

It’s a similar story in graphics cards, where 16.23% of respondents now use an AMD GPU - up from just 13.4% in March this year. Here the losses are split between Nvidia - still dominating on 73.53% of the market - and Intel’s integrated graphics options.

Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 1060 remains the single most popular GPU, with a whopping 10% of survey participants having one slotted into their builds. 16GB RAM, 1080p monitors, Windows 10, and 1TB+ hard drives round out the typical Steam setup - all of which have shown growth compared to May.

Of course, these results only apply to Steam users - and those who have specifically opted into the hardware survey - but Steam remains the dominant PC gaming marketplace by far, so these figures should be pretty representative of the market at large.